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This is you. Think about your life and what it contains. Its all around you. You have a physical body. You have your thoughts. You can sense the reality around you with your senses. What you cannot see directly is your energy body but you can sense it somehow. You do not know that you have made a plan for this life for you to gain some knowledge and learnings. This human mindmap will explain it all for you to understand your life better here on earth. Please, read it all with open mind and take what you feel is useful for you.

Quote from "Alloya - Mission of One Star":

At present, your everyday awareness is ego based, but on the fifth dimension it is Spirit based. You are a unit of bodies, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Each of these bodies is created to be a vehicle of consciousness. All of these bodies will be embodied by Spirit. You are a magnificent being using a human vehicle as a tool to experience creation. Your everyday awareness is only a small part of who you are on the fifth dimension and above. The physical body is a fine creation and Gaia has designed it without a flaw. It is the limitation of the mind that creates the illusion of disease and death. Your body has a wonderful intelligence that automatically regulates all of its functions, which enables you to live in a third dimensional reality. The emotional body is a fluid react and response body that allows you to experience the depths of the emotional realm. The mental body is a translator and organiser of energies. It is the organiser of the information that comes through the physical senses.

Your rational mind was never meant to run the show. It can only learn through limited experience that is locked in memory. If you run your life from the head, it creates imbalances in the emotional and physical bodies. This occurs because the bodies are not in alignment with Spirit and the light. We say that you must let your heart guide you. It is more intelligent than you can possibly imagine. It is constantly connected to all of existence. It knows the overall picture. Your spiritual body is a vehicle, which allows your Spirit to live in your dimension. All four bodies combined make up the human ground crew, the Organic Android. The Spirit is the programmer and user; the human ground crew is the computer. Each of the bodies has a particular task to perform. The physical body holds energy in dense structural patterns. This creates a form, which allows physical sensory perception and mobility within the physical realm. The emotional body flows energy to and from itself in spiraling patterns. This allows emotional stimulus to occur from the energetic patterns that surround the physical body and beyond. The mental body is a vast structure in beautiful colour and design. The mind allows the spirit expression to be thinking and organising being within the dimension. The spiritual body is a golden body of light and pure vibration. It is a structure capable of housing the full light of spirit.


Energy Body

Energy body is attached to the physical body and is often called the higher self or the human soul. This energy carriers information in the form of energy vibrations in different frequences. Physical body receives the energy body when it is 3 months old embryo in mother's womb. The energy is distributed around the body and to brain cells. You can control and change the energy through your life by controlling your thoughts and emotions.

Energy body collects the experiences of life and remembers the learnings. After you die the energy body leaves the earth plane and returns to spirit world and starts to plan for the next life and new learnings. Spirit world is not the universe's ultimate heaven but just a place created for the project earth. A kind of like a backstage for a theatre where actors can take a rest and think about their next role on the stage.

Each soul has advanced to certain level of development depending on the success of the lessons in previous incarnations. Your current life has been setup so that you get the best possible advancement for your current level of experience. Your soul has certain fixed personality features, a role, that does not change but is same during all your incarnations.

Soul Lineage

Your soul belongs to soul family which member souls share similar characteristics. A soul family usually consist of about thousand members and they often plan earthly lives together. In these lives they participate on eachothers' soul plans and help their soulmates to accomplish the lessons they came to earth for. Each soul group is specialized on certain role and often use the characteristics of their role when incarnated on earth.

Soul Maturity Level

Some souls are new to earth school and thus have just began their first school year. These new souls first get to learn about the physicality of the human body. They are born in villages in places of primitive cultures. Their main challenge is physical survival. They are superstitious and do not question their social environment or leadership.

The next level in soul development is the soul's childhood. In this level souls focus on law and order. They get learnings while testing the limits of their social rules. They rely heavily on religious leadership and authority. Tradition has strong meaning for them and it must be followed.

Next development level is the teenage years for a soul. These souls are focus on playing the material game. They look for power, fame, wealth and prosperity. They will want to achieve results in sport, education and competitions. They want to look good and be efficient.

Next level is the adulthood for souls. At this level humans start to think about their existence and consiousness. They can become philosophical and can start to look real spiritual truths. They will want to experience emotions strongly in their relationships and test the durability of them.

After adulthood soul becomes an old and experienced soul. Old souls are often lazy and withdraw from public. They are independent and often unusual personalities. They prefer their own ways of learning and avoid traditional educational institutes.

On earth are also other than just the normal human souls incarnated to human bodies. These souls have come to do special assignments. Often these souls are here to bring higher teachings to the humans on earth to assist in their ascension. Such souls have been, for example, Mahatma Gandhi, Buddha, Jesus, Krishna and Lao Tzu.

In summary the soul's development levels are:

Infant: survival-oriented (Amazon Indians, Slums in Africa and India)

Toddler: baby soul; rule-oriented (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Middle-East)

Child: young soul; success-oriented (China, USA)

Mature: adolescent; relationship-oriented (Europe, USA)

Old: adult; philosophically-oriented (Scandinavia, Netherlands, Switzerland)

Many of the problems between nations and people groups are because of different level of soul development. Some countries have more people in the early stages of soul development and thus want and need different type of rules in their society. Some groups of people in these same nations are more advanced souls and they want to reform the old rules. Especially issues regarding human rights, sexuality, marriage, democracy, tradition and religion are causes of friction between people and between groups of people with different level of maturity.

There are much many more souls willing and wanting to be incarnated to earth than there are human bodies available. Even the most miserable lives in the slums of Calcutta are "sold out". Many countries with high level of powerty have not been able to develop out of powerty for decades despite of international help. The reason for this is that these countries are occupied by very young souls that do want to experience the powerty and hard physical conditions. However, it is not the intention to leave these countries alone in their misery but to give these souls an opportunity to advance in their development. Also the people who help these young souls gain new experiences and understanding, and are able to fulfill their soul plan by caretaking, teaching and sharing knowledge.

Previous Incarnations

As the soul aspect progresses through lifetimes on the earth, it develops relationships to others which bind it to them karmically. The karmic bind then dictates the kind of life that is needed to readdress any imbalance within the karmic relationship. These karmic binds can then create a life where there is no other development for the soul, other than addressing karmic issues. The soul aspect can get tied up in knots with the energy of other soul aspects incarnating and it may spend many lives trying to untie these knots, before it is free to move along its original path of evolvement. These karmic relationships can follow certain issues; an issue that is developed within one lifetime, can then set the tone for the lives to follow. Soul then sets its theme for the rest of the lives to follow, this theme will come up over and over, and this can easily be seen in the memories that surface during past life regression and during spiritual awakenings.

It is important to find out the theme of your past lives, for this is your lesson. If you can clear the negative programming that comes from these past lives then you are then free to work on the development and evolvement that is the intention of your soul. It is not your soul’s choice to become bound karmically that is not its reason for coming to the earth. Your soul incarnates to develop and learn the lessons that the earth offers, it is unfortunate that it then becomes bound to others and moves around and around the wheel of karma. If you are a light worker then it is the intention of your soul to free yourself from these karmic binds and remove all karma, so that you can do the job you came to the earth to do. You are here to enlighten and teach the masses so that the transformation in consciousness can occur on the planet. You may wonder how you discover your theme, especially if you are not aware of your past lives. It is not as difficult to do as you think. Your soul is waiting and willing to show you the theme that is your karmic binding.

Energy Distribution

The soul energy is distributed around your body with different vibrational levels. You may think of it as different colors depending of the frequency of the vibration. Some of the energy is concentrated around energy centers called Chakras. Your energy body reaches out of your physical body and these layers can be seen as auras. The energy distribution of your soul's energy is unique to your soul. No other soul has the exact same energy distribution. This is your soul energy blueprint which makes your soul to have its individual characteristics that always travel with it through all the earthly incarnations.


The human energy body contains seven primary energy centers (Chakras), hundreds of secondary energy centers, three storage centers (Tan Tians) and thousands of tertiary centers (energy exchange pores). All of these energy centers are connected with energy pathways (meridians). The energy centers are influenced by our thoughts and emotions and there is continuous interaction between the physical cells of our body and the flow of energy in the energy centers. Blockages in the flow of energy can eventually cause physical illness as they block the the normal cell metabolism. These blockages are linked with your mind energy, emotions and fears, and they can be healed by doing energy healing work.

See also


Mind Energy

Mind Energy is the continuous flow of thoughts that human generates in the brain. The human thoughts enter to a field of global human consiousness and affect the potentials and probabilities of events. Your thoughts and decisions are influenced by the emotions and feelings that are set according to the soul plan. You have the power to control your mind energy. It has an affect on both Energy Body and Physical Body.

With proper energy work you can improve your physical body and energy body. You can also receive thoughts from other beings, like spirit guides and other humans. So not all thoughts are your own and your own thoughts are not private.


All thoughts and emotions end up in a collective consciousness energy field and they have an affect on everything that happens on earth. We co-create our own destiny with the celestial beings controlling the consciousness energy field. It is an universal law that all emotions, thoughts, intentions and desires are to be honored and treated equal no matter if they are good or bad.

Logical Thoughts

You have free will and you can create whatever thoughts you want.  However, even if you have free will your thinking is influenced by your upbringing, society, religion, education, etc. Your thinking is also greatly influenced by your subconscious emotions.

Most of the humans will try to stay in their analytical mind most of the time and suppress their emotions from their conscious mind.


Your emotions are a result of your belief systems. The setup for the belief systems is done during your childhood. As a child you learn a certain thought patterns that then influence during your entire life on how you response to different situations emotionally. This setup is all part of your soul plan and your teachers (for example, your parents) are all playing their role in this game. You succeed your life lessons if you manage to turn your negative (lower vibration) emotional response to a positive one (higher vibration), for example, instead of judgment you express forgiveness.

Subconscious Mind
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You have probably seen videos of people being hypnotised and then made to do and believe on things that they would not normally do. This is how your subconscious mind works. It is continously working like this in the background. Whatever you tell it, it will believe it to be the truth and it will start to behave accordingly.  It will influence your decision making towards the believed truth and it will set your life energy patterns so that the believed truth will manifest. For example, if your subconscious believes that you do not earn the wealth and abundance in your life then you will end up in financial trouble.

Superconscious Mind
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Superconscious mind is an aspect of your soul energy that can communicate with your conscious and subconscious minds. Superconscious mind is your connection to the higher energy vibrations and to the higher energy planes. In these higher dimensional planes reside your soul energy, spirit guides and soul family. You can activate this connections in your meditative mind state and you will receive subtle energy which contain information.


Physical Body

Your physical body is the vehicle for the life's journey. It has certain characteristics just like every car has. Over time it needs maintenance and repair.

The driver in that car is the Mind Energy. It controls all the movements of the car, responses to its needs and monitors its health and processes information of the traffic situation.

Energy body is then like a fuel for the car. It brings the car to life and makes it possible to start the journey. It also brings certain characteristics to the car. It may be petrol or diesel fuel and gives more power to the car or keeps the engine more clean.

 The navigation system in the car displays your Soul Plan. You have programmed it to go certain destination and it will tell you where to make turns. If you don't listen your navigation system you may make a wrong decision and you may end up lost. However, if you start to listen it again it will calculate a new route for you to get back on track.

The surroundings and the environment during your journey is the Reality. This changes constantly depending on your decisions. If you make a wrong decision and you choose a wrong path your environment changes and you may end up in desert instead of the city you wanted to go. This means that you did not listen to your navigation system and you did not follow your soul plan. This can easily lead to misery and you may wonder why is this happening. Then your car may break down in the heat thus meaning you may get physical and mental disorders.

It is not easy to distinquish which situations are part of the real soul plan and which are caused by wrong decisions. But you can practise to listen your inner navigation system. If you slow down in life and practise to quiet down your mind, and do some meditation exercises, you are able to feel your inner emotions which tell you where to go and what to do. After all life is not that serious because at the end it does not really matter if someone scratched your car or not. It will end up in the cemetary anyway and at that point I am sure most of us are happy to get a new car anyway.


See Maslow's hierarchy of needs:'s_hierarchy_of_needs

Physical Health

The energy body energies are distributed around the cells in your body. There are energy concentrations around your organs and certain emotional energies are stored in these concentrations. These energies have an effect on the health of the cells. Your metabolish speeds up or slows down depending on these energies. Energy work and energy healing can have a positive influence on the energies and may prevent or cure inflamations, allergies and even cancers. The healing work needs to focus on finding the root cause of the energy imbalance and then returning the right balance.

The energy healing work does not do miracles. If you have smoked for 30 years there is no amount of energy work that can cure your lung cancer. If you are overweight then right type of energy work will raise your overall fibrations and your metabolish will start to function again properly. You will be automaticly guided to eat proper food suitable for your body. Again it is important to find the root cause of the problem. Usually the root cause is in some type of emotional energy imbalance that needs to worked out.

Living Habits
Over Weight

Our body responds to our thoughts and feelings. If we think that we have an unhealthy body then it becomes ill, we all know about the power of positive thought for healing the body of its ills. The body listens intensely to the thoughts of the conscious mind and responds and creates itself around the ideas that are formed by the conscious mind. Those of you who are dieting to lose weight will know that when you are focused on the diet and your need to become slimmer, you lose weight very slowly and without much success. You envy those who seem to be able to eat what they like without putting on an inch. That is because they are not focused on how fat they are, how heavy they are. They enjoy their food and their life. Dieting is a vicious circle, a delusional merry go round which once you step upon it you can never get off.

Weighing yourself only affirms to your conscious mind that you are over weight and you need to restrict and control your appetitive in order to see yourself weighing lighter on the scales. Dieting and watching your weight only adds on the pounds because you are constantly reaffirming to the body that you are too fat .The body listens to everything you think about it and then creates itself from the thoughts that it is hearing. If you affirm to your body that it is fat, then it will create more fat to give you the body that you are saying you have. Affirmations whether positive or negative are not recognised by the body, it is neutral in its judgements and only creates and creates. The secret is to think yourself thin, think yourself slim and think yourself beautiful. The body is constantly changing, the body you have now is not the same body you had seven years ago. The cells are constantly dying and new ones are growing to replace them. Every seven years you have a completely new body. So why are you recreating the same body over and over again? You negatively think about yourself habitually. You have been taught by your parents and later society to mistrust the processes of the body and limit is capabilities, you were taught that you cannot change your body and therefore you recreate yourself anew in the same fat and ugly mould over and over again. The cells of your body are incredible they have the ability to change themselves and re-modify themselves.


Human MindMap is published under the General Public License (GPL).


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Reality and nature is more than just the things you can see or the things that our scientific instruments can measure. This branch explores the wider reality beyond the experienced 3-dimensional space and time dimensions. The String Theory explains that there are 11 dimensions. Where are these other dimensions and how can we access them.

The universe is in continuous change. We perceive this change as passing of time. The are a multitude of different energetic beings that we simply cannot see but which can be felt and sensed.


We cannot see everything that is around us. There are parrallel realities in the same space as our physical earth. These realities are in another frequency range that our physical being cannot access.

At this point of earth's evolutionary cycle other dimensions are outside our ability to see, enter or even comprehend them. We may occasionally see an UFO but they usually disappear quickly as they change the space craft's energy vibrations to a level which humans cannot perceive. Some humans are sensible for these higher (or lower) energy vibrations and they may feel or sense them in some way.

The earth is surrounded by an energy grid which affects the humans on earth. Also the humans affect the energy grid with their thoughts. This is the 4th dimension we which cannot directly see or measure. But we can see its effects on us and the earth.

Non-Physical Dimensions

Quote from book Alloya Mission of One Star:

The first dimension is the iron crystal core that is at the centre of the planet, the centre of gravity. This place holds all physical beings in form. It is the source of bliss, harmony, and being grounded to the planet. The second dimension is the home of telluric powers and elemental beings. The third dimension is the existence that you are aware of as linear space and time. The fourth dimension is a non-physical, archetypal zone of dreams and feelings. All connections to Gaia, Earth's Higher Self, and higher dimensions are available here. The archetypal patterns create dramas, which stimulate certain types of behaviour on Earth. The fifth dimension is where you first contact your 'I AM' presence, the aspect of your spirit that chose to incarnate into a third dimensional form. It is a place of love and non-judgement. It is beyond the polarity of light and dark, right or wrong. Some would consider it to be what you call Heaven.

The sixth dimension is a place of geometric light instructions, which blueprint the forms of the third dimensional reality. Everything that is manifest has a geometric pattern in light and is used as an energetic framework on which to build the third dimension. The sixth dimension is a light pattern library and through its thinking processes, it creates frameworks upon which to build realities. The seventh dimension is a magnificent dimension of photonic light highways that are information highways carrying pure thought throughout the universe. The eighth dimension is the place where entities create morphogenetic fields that are used to organise the information that travels along the photonic light highways. It is the home of the Galactic Federation, which is the energy of pure creativity. This divine mind radiates cosmic light, which links all galaxies to each other and creates the universe. The ninth dimension is pure darkness. You recognise its energy in the form of black holes. It is the place of the return to your Universal Self, a vortex of time that contains all things including gateways to other universes. It is the place of unitised reality that interweaves all of the dimensional frequencies.

The tenth dimension is the place of unified essences. It is the place where the essence of every intelligent entity combines to create a collective consciousness. At this level of consciousness entities experience themselves as a group of entities, separate yet harmonised with each other. It is the place of the Soul Family. The eleventh dimension is the place of the varied aspects of THE UNIVERSAL DREAMER. It is the first realm of its imagination and creativity. The Universal Dreamer first experiences itself as a conscious entity on its dimension. It is the source from which all the Dreamers come from. We are here. The twelfth dimension is the place from which all reality comes from. It is the ultimate power source for everything, the origins of the ALL THAT IS, THE UNIVERSAL DREAMER.

Energy Grids

Energy grids contain our mind and emotional energies. It is maintained by conscious beings that guide the energies coming from us at earth and the ones coming from the centre of the milkyway galaxy and from the center of the universe.


Earth energy grid is located about 6000 km above the earth's surface. It is a sphere around earth that contains hexagonal shaped sides. Other planets have similar energy grids.

See the energy grid in Saturn:

The earth energy grid holds the global human consciousness. If you hold a thought for more than 14 seconds it will end up in the earth's energy grid. If 144 000 people have the same thought or emotion it can actually manifest and change the reality on earth. Many collective belief systems reside in this energy grid. Pay attention which belief systems affect you and distance yourself from them.

Continuous Change

Time does not really exists but we perceive continuous change as passing of time. The flow of changes is invoked by the energies of the earth grid which is influenced by our own thoughts and emotions and by the agenda of the celestial beings and the earth ascension. Thus we, humans, co-create our own reality and the things that happen on earth. For humans it is difficult to see and understand that there is the link between an earthquake or a vulcano eruption and the global human consciousness. Collective consciousness is an energy field that is in continuous change and which is slowly being guided to contain higher vibrational energies. These higher vibrational energies are the thoughts and emotions about truth, beauty, goodness, love, compassion and acceptance. You may have noticed that how recently many spiritual practices and healing methods have gain popularity, like yoga, meditation, acupuncture, reflexology and energy healing.


You may have once wondered how can something unexplainable happen. How is it possible that a disease all of a sudden disappears without explanations or howcome some physical object can all of a sudden disappear or appear on wish. The explanation is provided by the quantum physics (see Schrödinger's Cat thought experiment). The unnoticed fact is the our mind and thoughts are energetically linked with the quantum world. Our thoughts can influence the outcome of quantum events. This is done with the help of the our higher self, spirit guides and energy controller beings of the earths spiritual energy grid system.

For example, let say you go to a supermarket and you notice that they are out of your favorite cheese. You walk away from the dairy products section with a thought that you wish they would have that cheese you wanted. All of a sudden you will get a feeling that you must return to the cheese section and look for the that cheese again. And there it is, right in front of your eyes. You looked for it everywhere and it was not there before. What happened ? Your intense thought energy simply made a shift in the timeline. Your memory is from a different timeline where the cheese did not exist but in this new timeline the cheese has always existed there. This explanation goes back to the Scrödingers Cat. Each observation made by an individual is only valid for that individual at that timeline. When you look around your surroundings you continuously make snapshot observations of the blurry quantum reality cloud which then look solid and fixed for a moment (wave function collapse). Time is only one parameter in this cloud and it is as flexible as the other parameters, like matter, energy or gravity.

But why I cannot wish myself all the good things to manifest instantaneously. Of course, you can but your wishes are granted only within the framework of universal laws and your soul plan. If you wish that a rash in your leg would disappear, you will be guided to find a doctor which can fulfill his soul's purpose to help people. Your spirit guides will not simply help you to change the timeline for the rash to disappear but will use this opportunity for soul purpose fulfillment for the doctor. Or maybe he is a nice doctor you suppose to meet and marry in this lifetime ;)

Other Beings

The world of energy beings can be compared to a coral reef which is full of life. Alien creatures are around every corner. We are just not able to see them directly but if you are sensitive you may sense their presence.

The human soul slowly evolves and grows to sense higher frequences. In the future we will be able to see and sense other higher dimensional beings and objects, like UFOs.


Soul Plan

Soul plan is like a project plan or like a movie script for a single lifetime. You have agreed to go to a school to learn how to manage the human condition. This is the purpose of human life. It can take several hundred lifetimes to learn all the different lessons. When all lessons are learnt you graduate and you no longer need to incarnate on earth.

In your soul plan you agree the lessons for your current lifetime and you agree who will be the teachers for this life. Not always everything goes according to the plan and if you fail you may need to repeat some lessons in your future lifetimes. In each life you have a different personality. However, you have some feelings, emotions, likings, desires, etc that are part of your soul and which you take with you from spirit world when you are born to earth. You may also have assignments and tasks on earth that are not directly related to your personal learning.

You may have the task to bring certain energies or changes to earth or and you may need to improve some structures in earth energy grid while here on earth. When you are here on earth you are simply not aware of the given lessons and tasks. Otherwise you would not learn but avoid the lessons as they usually contain some inconveniences for the purpose of efficient learning. However, you usually have many inconveniences in life that do not belong to any agreed lessons and these you can easily remove by asking help from your higher self and from your spirit guides. Your spirit guides and your soul support you during your life to follow your soulplan. They will invoke certain feelings, ideas and thoughts in your mind when it is time for you to make a certain decision or to learn an agreed lesson.

The inconveniences from the agreed lessons will fade away soon as the learning is done, so if you understand when a particular lesson is ongoing in your life you can turn it around by understanding the meaning of the lesson, learn from it and have the correct response and emotions about it.

The bottom line is that you do not need to worry about life. You have it all planned for you. Live for the moment and go for the opportunities that are presented for you. Learn to accept yourself and others unconditionally. Do not judge other people and their choices, its all for the purpose. Be aware that you have continuous illusion about how your life should be organized. Be aware of the lessons for your soul age and development level. When you learn how to give up and surrender you have achieved already alot.


Lessons to learn

The purpose of life is to manage the human condition. This is learnt through certain lessons that human needs to master. Often these learnings happen by facing our fears or through the relationships we have in this lifetime. But remember that you have agreed the life's learnings beforehand.

The world is actually perfect as it is even though it does not look like it. There is lot of suffering through human actions. Believe it or not, its all for purpose. Each human is learning his or her lessons through the suffering. Of course, this is not a justification for suffering. The task to reduce suffering is also part of the lessons. 

When you have learnt and healed a particular emotion or issue, you will no longer respond to an experience with that issue in the same way. The negative emotion that the issue once created for you will be diminished or it will no longer exist. Most of us work on the same issue for many lifetimes, often with the same souls.

Teaching Methods

Your soul or spirit energy plans your life beforehand so that it contains the conditions and characteristics that best contribute to your learning. You choose your life's physical condition and your character. You agree with other souls that they contribute their input to your life's challenges. There are different ways to play out the life plan. The path that you take depends on your decisions and reactions for life's incidents. At the end all that matters is what learnings you can take back to spirit world.

You may have had a tough life with huge challenges. This only means that you decided to take on a great challenge and learn a lot at this life time.

You may be wondering why some "bad people" succeed in life and some "good people" do not. You may also wonder why you yourself do not succeed when others around you do. First you have to understand that there is a plan that you follow and if you do not succeed in your efforts then you have not followed the plan. Remember that you have free will and you may very easily make decisions that are against your plan even if you think that you are doing the right thing. Things will not work out if you make decisions against your plan. Also if you do not make some critical decisions along the way you also may not follow the plan and you are just slacking off and things will start to go wrong until you make that difficult decision. So, how do you know what is your plan. Well, you don't. You simply have to feel your way. If things work out well for you then most likely you are following your plan. But remember, even so, everything can change in a moments notice when a new phase in your life's plan starts. It can be that the good life was just a setup for coming challenges. Again, everything is done for you to learn about life on earth.

But then why everything seems to work out fine for some "bad persons". Well, obviously this "bad person" is following his plan just fine. There is no right or wrong, it is only what you think about it. This "bad person" might only be playing out his role as "bad person" for the people around him. These souls have agreed that they will have this "bad person" as their teacher in this life time. This is the reason why everything is working well in the "bad persons" life because he is simple following his plan and this is well supported. It can be that you had the "bad person" role in your previous life and that this time you have switched the roles around. The idea is that both souls will learn from this earthly experience.

You simple cannot optimize your life. So, stop trying and let all the issues go. The problems exists only in your head, so you can simple let them go. You cannot use your rational thinking or let your fears to guide your life. You have to quiet your mind and let your deep hearth center feeling guide you. In this way you will receive guidance about your life and about the decision you need to make. You will be given the support and resources needed for you to fulfill your soul's plan. However, it is very easy to go to the wrong direction but it is challenging to find the right direction.


In your soul plan you have made agreements with other souls that they will play a role in your current life and help you learn some kind of lesson. With these people you usually have an emotional relationship with. This can be either negative (anger, hate) or positive (love, care). You also have a group of spirit guides that are there to guide you to follow your soul plan. As you have "free will" things do not always turn out the way they were planned. Unfortunately often life ends up much worse than what was planned for. This is simply because you did not follow your soul plan and you did not ask for help and you did not understand that your earthly teachers are just playing their role. The lessons can be overwhelming at times and it is hard to understand what is the purpose of all the difficulties that you face in your life. But hang in there and that there no bad things in life as it is all just what you think about them.

Spirit Guides

Your spirit guides are souls that have formerly incarnated to earth and who have graduated from the school earth. They have gone through all the lessons the earth school has to offer and are very experienced. Each of them is specialized on a specific topic and is involved in your life during the time when you are learning that specific lesson. They communicate with you through your feelings, thoughts, intuition and ideas. They do not ever violate your free will. You have the free will to do whatever you want but it is obvious that you based your decision on your feelings. The outcome and consequences of your decisions are usually what you have agreed in your soulplan to be this life's learnings.

The view your spirit guides have over your life situation is much more than you yourself have. They can see everything. Your energies and feelings from previous lifes. Your thought patterns and belief systems you have since childhood. The probabilities and potentials for future events and outcomes. The energies and feelings and soulplans of all the people around you. They can see everyones thoughts, intentions, plans and personalities. They can guide you if you just listen. Often people do not listen but are stubborn and go about doing the wrong decisions. For you it is not always clear if particular lesson or difficulty in life is part of your soulplan or if it is a consequence of a wrong decision. Professional healers and spirit therapists can help you to understand which is the case.

Universal Masterplan

Earth, milkyway galaxy and this universe are in a constant change process. The energy vibrations of the earth grid are being gradually raised at this point of time.

Universal Laws

Earth was created to be a unique environment for learning and growth. Earth's development is governed by some universal laws.

Free Will allows the earth inhabitants to do and think what they want and that the actions taken by humans are not interfeared directly. If you want to commit a suicide, you can but you waste a perfectly good body which is very valuable vehicle for learning. Your soul plan is interrupted and you will need to return again to continue with the same lessons.

Non-interference leads to a fact that help is mostly given only if you ask for it.

Law of attraction governs the fact that vibrationally matching energy patterns finds each other. For example, if you have a fear that you will be abandoned and left without care and love you will vibrate in that frequency. This will lead you to events that may cause you to injure yourself so that you would receive care and attention.

Earth Ascension

Think how the world will be when we are at the 4th dimension. Our body and senses would be able to operate in higher dimensional frequences. We would have access to all the knowledge (Akashic records) in the world and we could see and communicate with other spirits. This would dramaticly change our world.

Think that you would be able to see and communicate with the spirit of your parent who had just died. The spirit could join you for dinner at home and you could discuss telepathicly about the past and the future. There would no longer be grief and sadness. No-one would be afraid to die. You could also see and communicate with all the other spirit beings around you, like angels, fairies and other spirit, like the humanoids (Zetas).

You could see your own energy body and the "health" of your energy body and its affects to your physical body. Many diseases would disappear as people would no longer ruin their energy bodies with fears, anger and other low vibrational  thoughts and emotions. The human ego would dissolve. Everyone would realize and understand the real truth and see how the reality and nature really is.

There would no longer be wars and people would live in peace togerther and help eachother out. There would no longer be fear, exploitation, greed, crime and rudeness. There would no longer be violence as people would see how it creates bad energies for themselves. The earth would no longer be a school for learning polarity of good and bad. We would radiate pure love, compassion, truth, beauty and knowledge. Souls born to earth would no longer contain or collect and release karmic debt. All souls would be "old" souls and no longer have the need to experience the duality of good and bad.

People's soul plans would no longer involve learnings about abuse, control, judgment and abandonment. The goals would be totally different, like the sustainability of earth and protection of the environment. People would be able to focus on their souls true talents, like arts and music. There would not be any financial problems as people would live according to their means. Corporations would no longer be based on profit making but would simply produce needed goods and services. All excess would be made available to people through scholarships for them to advance in different science and life studies. The spirit guides would help humans to develop advanced technologies in medicine, agriculture, space, energy and transportation. No longer would these technologies be used for military purposes. People would be able to live several hundrets of years old. Family planning would be done according to devine plan so that the earth would be able to support an optimal number of people. Everyone would have food and shelter. There would be no poverty as all people would be able to acquire high level skills and productivity would be high because of technological advances.

All land would be owned by the central government and there would no longer be speculation on land prices, real-estate or with critical commodities. All land would be allocated properly to support comfortably all the people living on earth.

Social Problems

You may wonder why there is still so much poverty in the world. Despite of decades of western aid, Africa still has huge slums and poverty issues have not been solved. Why is that ? In the current time there are still many young souls born on earth who require the lessons of physical and economical hardship. This has kept Africa and some other areas in their current state. However, things progress as new generations of souls are born. Going forward there are several areas which need to improve to be able to remove poverty.


Nations and individuals wealth and prosperity is equal to the amount of products and services they can produce and exchange among eachother and among the rest of the world. But what can a person produce when he has no skills ? Person must be able to produce something that has exchangeable value to be able to gain wealth. Education is the only way for people to acquire skills that are needed to be able to produce something that has exchangeable value. Companies do not hire people that do not contribute and add value to the output of the organisation. But how can you get education if you are not given the opportunity for it ?

Over population

There are simply too many people to consume the limited resources earth can comfortably provide. Commodity prices are skyrocketing and the poor will suffer the most. Current day manufacturing is so productive and efficient that there is no need to employ lots of people. People have no change to participate and earn income. Jobs would need to be shared and production should be taxed and income shared with all but this would simply end up like in former Soviet Union. So what can be done to reduce population ?

Land ownership

An estimated 1 billion people live in the slums around the world. They do not have the chance to earn a living by farming. All they need is a piece of land to be able grow crops and feed their family and maybe also earn some money when selling products in the market. So how could land be distributed fairly ?

Healthcare and social security

Without public healthcare and social security parents cannot afford to send their children to school. They will need to work too to be able to survive. But it is a vicious circle. As there is no education there are no jobs and thus there is no tax income to have public health care and social security. So how to get out of this vicious circle ?


Companies will not invest and create jobs if transportation, electricity, sanitation and communication networks are not in place. Even if highly skilled workforce is available companies need a working infrastructure in place. But again, if there is no jobs there is no tax income to finance infrastucture projects. Where to get funds to finance infrastructure project in the developing world ?

Corruption and crime

Corruption causes precious resources to be wasted when they should have been allocated to improvements in education and infrastructure. Corruption and crime prevents companies to make investment decisions to the area. This will keep the people in the poverty prison as job creation is greatly reduced. How can law and order be enforced when the lawmakers themselves are promoting corruption ?

Financial stability

Openly exchangeable, stable and trustworthy currency is a prerequisite for any investment of foreign capital to any country.  Just looked at Zimbabve and you can see how printing money and destroy the economy